How To Make Money On Onlyfans as a Couple?


Onlyfans is the best platform for content creators. If you are a content creator that loves to create content but is stuck in a 9-5 job, then you can try your luck on Onlyfans. If you are married or in a relationship, you can also join Onlyfans as a couple and make money. Making money on Onlyfans is not difficult, and you can easily make thousands of dollars every month. If you are an adult content creator and want to work as a couple, then you can try Onlyfans. Here on Onlyfans, some couples are making $200k-$500k in a month.

Onlyfans works the same as other social media platforms, but the most amazing thing about Onlyfans is you can make money through subscriptions. You can also make money through tips, PPV, paid messages, and live streaming.

 As a couple, you can create content in various niches. As an adult content creator, you can create a live sex performance with your partner. You can also sell your daily romantic videos and pictures individually. Some couples working on Onlyfans sell content according to the time of day, for instance, "sweet morning kiss with my wife."

Getting started: The process: 

Onlyfans also works the same as other social media platforms. You should keep these four things in mind while starting on Onlyfans:

  • The first step in the process is to attract the people. After creating a profile, you should reach out to the right people on social media platforms or any private network.
  • Engage the people you've attracted. Offer some free treats, so they know what quality you will give them. If they like the free content you have provided, they will definitely purchase the paid subscriptions.
  • Convert the followers into paid subscribers. You can do this by offering limited promotions or telling them that this discount is only for some early buyers. People need a reason why they should buy something right now, and you have to give them a reason.
  • The most important thing for making your reputation on any subscription-based website is delivering the promised content. You have to provide the best possible quality to keep your subscribers happy.

Content ideas for couples on Onlyfans:

Couples can make a different type of content, and it depends on their preference of niche. If you are looking for adult content ideas, then you can follow these:

  • Live performance: You can make a lot of money by providing live performances to your fans. As an adult content creator, you and your partner can have some naughty time on liver cam. You have to be comfortable and natural during the live stream. You can perform live sex, kissing, spanking, swapping, and much more.
  • Couple's experiences content: You can create content about the experiences you both are experiencing as a couple. Or you can also provide ideas to the fans who just came into a relationship that how they can stay happy together. You can also advise some spicy and sexy ideas that they can apply with their partners. The best thing will be if you give them live demos or pre-recorded videos.
  • Destination adult content: It is a new trend but yet is getting popular among the fans. If you are an adult content creator, you can create destination sex or romance. You can create a separate category of videos and pictures about destination sex or romance. It involves creating content on the places or destinations where the fans fantasize about going and having sex. For instance, sex on the beach or sex in the hotel lift is so popular these days. You can try creating content in this category to make a lot of money.

Alternatives platforms for couples to make more money: 

Onlyfans is an amazing website for adult content creators, but remember when they announced that they will ban adult content creators in a few months? they could do it now and when you build a successful business, you might end up losing everything so a platform like Cliqfans give you a safe and legit way to get paid, help you get paid faster, and makes a platform where you can publish content easily and make money through multiple ways. Join Cliqfans here

How to become a successful couple on Onlyfans?

You can try promoting your Onlyfans fan page on different websites and social media platforms. Some of the best places where you can promote your fan page are:

  • Instagram can be a good choice for promoting your fan page and growing your circle. If you don't have marketing skills and also don't have a huge following, you can hire some Instagram influencers that have a huge following.
  • Reddit can also be a great choice for promoting your content and Onlyfans fan page.
  • Free account on Onlyfans is also a method that can be availed for converting followers into subscribers and paid fans.

How much money do couples make on Onlyfans? 

Couples on Onlyfans make a lot of money. But at the start of your career on Onlyfans, it may not be easy to make a lot of money. However, if you are doing all things right, including marketing, content quality, and engagement with your fans, you will be successful on Onlyfans in a short time.

Some couples are making money on Onlyfans from $200k-$500k in a month, but all are not making that much. Some couples are not even able to make $500 a month. But it all depends on your marketing strategies.

Final remarks:

As a couple on Onlyfans, you can make a lot of money by creating content. If you are an adult content creator and looking for a platform where you can sell and monetize content with your partner, then Onlyfans is the best choice. You can create content on any niche, but the most selling and in-demand content on Onlyfans is adult content. So, if you love creating adult content and, as a couple, you both are comfortable performing romance on camera, you should go for Onlyfans.

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