How To Make Money on Fansly as a Couple?

Fansly is the best choice for creating and selling adult content. You can make a lot of money if you create adult content as a couple on Fansly. It is more efficient for attracting potential subscribers, and the couples usually get paid more for showing their naughty videos. There are many ways you can promote your fan page where you are working as a couple. You can create content on different content ideas, and you can also create content according to the demands of your fans.

Verifying the profile on which you are working as a couple is also easy on Fansly. You have to follow simple steps. The earning potential for working as a couple is also more than working solo.

What is Fansly? How is it best for couples?

Fansly is a content subscription website offering various features that content creators can use to make money. The money model Fansly follows subscriptions based. Although it also offers other features to make money. Some of the features of Fansly are:

  • You can get tipped by your fans when you provide them with the content they asked for.
  • You can make money by monthly subscriptions on Fansly.
  • You can sell your videos individually as well as a complete package.
  • The live stream feature of Fansly is also great, and you can easily attract your subscribers to give tips.

How is it best for couples?

Couples on Fansly make a lot of money, and the platform is safe for them. The website is secure, and the content is also protected. However, Fansly recommends digitally watermarking the content.

Fansly is best for couples because the verification process is simple, and it is the same like you are creating an account solo. After profile registration, you have to send a picture of you and your partner with IDs of both.

It also offers DMCA, which means your content and profile name are safe. If you find someone is misusing your content and have created a page on your name, you can report it. Fansly after investigation terminates the accounts of violators and offers assistance in taking down of the content.

How to make money on Fansly as a couple?

You can make money on Fansly by marketing your content and your profile. You can use different social media platforms for the marketing of your content and your Fansly fan page. The best platforms for marketing are:

  • Twitter is the best platform to advertise your content and fan page. It has the largest community of active users. You can attract maximum users to subscribe to your fan page.
  • Reddit is the most used platform for marketing adult content, and many content creators get subscribers from Reddit.
  • Instagram is the game-changer for many content creators. Here you can advertise your content and fan page with ease. You can also take services from many paid influencers.

Content ideas for couples on Fansly:

As a couple, you can create content in many niches. The best and most selling niche on Fansly as a couple is adult content. Here are some of the trending adult content ideas for the couples:

  1. Sex and experience: You can create content on your experiences while doing sex. You can also perform live sex while chanting how you felt about having sex with her in the past and how you are feeling now while having sex.
  2. Blowjob and cumshots: Many content creators are making a lot of money by recording videos of blowjobs with their partner and selling it. You can record videos of the blowjob and write an attractive caption like "have you ever seen the biggest cumshot then this?" Or "have you seen a bigger dick than this?" Fans love content like that, and you are probably going to get paid heavily.
  3. Live stream: As a couple, you can make a lot of money by doing sex live. You can play a roleplaying game and make your partner your daddy, boss, or something that seduces the fan watching your live stream. Ask your partner to spank you hard during the live stream.
  4. Use different sex toys for creating content:

You can use different sex toys for creating content on Fansly as a couple. You can use vibrators and fancy cuffs to tie your hands and show yourself as submissive. The partner will use the vibrating during the penetration. These kinds of ideas engage the fans more to watch your content.

Is Fansly safe for couples?

Fansly is perfectly safe and secure for couples, and the website is filled with positive reviews of couples. Many couples made millions of dollars on Fansly by selling their adult content. Fansly website has backend features enabled that make it hard to download the content.

It also offers DMCA assistance if your content is somehow stolen. So, it is pretty secure to work on Fansly as a couple.

Can you create a Fansly profile on a pen name?

Yes, as a couple, you may be worried about your privacy, so Fansly does allow making an account using a pen name. You can create an account on your real name, but it is recommended you should make an account using a pen name. 

Does Fansly protect the privacy of content creators?

Fansly offers a unique feature that can be used for protecting your privacy, and that feature is geo-blocking.

You can use this feature to ban some locations from subscribing to your profile. This feature is very beneficial if you are new to adult content creation and don't want your parents and friends to know what you are doing.

A Better Fansly Alternatives: 

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Final remarks:

Fansly is the best platform where you can make a lot of money as a couple. You can create adult content and sell it to your fans and subscribers for attractive prices. You can do various stuff together to seduce your fans and make them pay you. Fansly is a pretty secure platform where you can conveniently sell content with your partner.

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