How To Make a Clone Site like Onlyfans as an Adult Content Creator?

Onlyfans has become worldwide popular, and it has become the most successful brand. Every entrepreneur is thinking about developing or cloning a similar website to Onlyfans to make money. Developing and launching a clone website of Onlyfans can be very beneficial for you if you are an entrepreneur or even if you are an adult content creator. It is highly profitable, and you can enjoy the benefits of your adult marketplace by charging commissions from adult content creators.

As a content creator on your own platform, you will be totally independent about posting content. You will not have to follow any guidelines of the platform because you will be your own boss. Another benefit is that you will not have to give commission to the platform, and you can save that money for your website's maintenance and promotion.

What is Onlyfans? How does it work?

Onlyfans is a platform where mostly adult content creators sell and monetize their content to make money. The website has many features for the content creators, and it has a lot of earning potential.

Onlyfans has various monetization methods, and these are given below:

  • A content creator can charge monthly or yearly subscriptions from his fans.
  • Fans on the platform can tip their favorite content creator.
  • A content creator can also win tips and money through private messaging.
  • Content creators can also connect and integrate their Shopify store for selling goods.
  • Content creators also make money on Onlyfans by selling their locked content.

These are some of the features and monetization methods that Onlyfans offers to its content creators.

If you think you can spend money developing or cloning a website like Onlyfans and can provide the same features, then start looking at the guide on how you can clone a website like Onlyfans?

Processes involved in cloning a website like Onlyfans:

Developing a platform like Onlyfans involves many steps and processes that you to follow. The most important processes in the development of a website like Onlyfans are:

1.   Analysis:

It is the most important step while developing or cloning a website like Onlyfans. You have to analyze the market and make a clear plan of what you will sell. You should conduct market research and analyze the latest and recent market trends.

Market research is important because it will give you a better understanding of the market. After a successful analysis, you will come up with a business plan that will help you in competition.

2.   Design:

The next important step while developing a website like Onlyfans is the design phase. You have to select a design that is user-friendly. Developing design the website interface as much as userfriendly as you.

Don't forget to work on profiles management, for instance, messages, logins, registrations, settings, and much more.

3.   Front-end and back-end development:

What the users will see will be the front end of the website. Develop the front-end of the website impressive and copy of Onlyfans. If you are planning on cloning a website like Onlyfans, you have to develop the front-end like Onlyfans. You can also use pre-existing scripts for developing a clone site like Onlyfans.

Back-end development of the website is very crucial because it involves architecture, database, profile management, payments, notifications, etc.

4.   Testing stage:

Next and the most important stage is the testing stage. It can save you from many problems. Test the website and all of the features before launching it. Test each and every feature completely to find bugs. If there is any bug, fix it.

5.   Deployment and marketing:

After conducting tests, and if your website is bug-free and ready to launch, you can promote it on different levels after conducting tests. You can use different social media platforms for the marketing of your website. Set the right target audience and promote it. Once you have achieved the targetted results, you can launch it in the market.

Some potential Onlyfans Alternatives: 

Following are some of the potential Onlyfans alternatives that you can use to start a subscription business around your adult content; 

Cliqfans: Cliqfans is a platform for adult content creators to start their subscription business around adult content. Cliqfans is a safe and secure platform with fast payout options and the platform is changing into a better version of Onlyfans. Cliqfans is a platform that could help you make more money and they only charge a 15% commission for the first three months. When you submit a request for payout, you can get paid in under 2 days. 

One of the big problems with Onlyfans is they have a very strict verification system where you need to spend almost an hour to verify and there is a high chance that your application will be rejected but in the case of Cliqfans, it is very easy to verify and it will take less than 5 minutes. The process is very easy. 

Building an Onlyfans clone website with a script:

You can use a pre-existing Onlyfans website script. There are many scripts out there that have similar features that Onlyfans have. You can use it to build your Onlfans clone website.

Build an Onlyfans clone website with xFans:

xFans is an Onlyfans website script that is used to build clone websites like Onlyfans. It has all the features that Onlyfans have. Some of the features that xFans have are:

  • Setup of built-in eCommerce store.
  • It also comes with an integrated token payment system.
  • It has similar monetization models like Onlyfans.
  • xFans also have a creator vault system; for instance, creators can post locked or PPV content.
  • It has a similar analytical dashboard to Onlyfans.

Final remarks:

Creating a clone website of Onlyfans is not difficult these days. You can find many solutions in the market. It does not cost so much to develop an Onlyfans clone website. It is not so much time talking, and you can do it in a short period of time. With a correct marketing strategy and with the right approach in mind, you can jump into the adult subscription market. It is the best time for launching a social media subscription website.

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