Fanvue Vs Cliqfans: Difference Between Two Adult Subscription Platforms

Fanvue and Cliqfans are both new content subscription platforms, but Fanvue was launched earlier. Both platforms are great for adult content creators, but Fanvue also allows SFW content. If you are a gym trainer, musician, dancer, cook, beautician, or in another niche, you can make money on Fanvue. Fanvue has no restriction on any type of content. But surely, the majority of the content creators on Fanvue are adult content creators. Fanvue has a lot of features to offer, and it has made a good reputation among adult content creators. The platform comes with the latest features and security patches. These are the things that attract content creators to join Fanvue.

In contrast, Cliqfans is a totally new platform, but this platform is also promising like Fanvue. It also has the latest features, and it is also safe to work on Cliqfans. If you are an adult content creator that produces a top-notch quality of content, then you should go for Cliqfans. Anyhow in this article, you will learn "Fanvue Vs. Cliqfans: Difference between two adult subscription Platforms."

What is Fanvue?

Fanvue is a social media platform that brings fans and content creators together. Fans pay a monthly subscription fee to view the content of their favorite content creators. Fanvue has a lot of features and also different monetization models. Fanvue is ranked among the top content subscription platforms.

Fanvue has different monetization models: monthly subscriptions, tips, PPV, video store, and tips on live streaming. Fanvue is a totally secure platform with the latest technology. If you are a talented content creator, you can choose Fanvue as a full-time career.

What is Cliqfans?

Cliqfans is also a content subscription social media platform. It also works on the similar mechanism of Fanvue and Onlyfans. It is a totally new platform, yet it is a stable platform with promising features.

The website is designed and developed professionally. Cliqfans website is extremely user-friendly. It also offers different monetization models like subscription, tips, PPV, video store, and paid messaging or calls. Cliqfans is also a safe platform for making money through adult content. A feature that makes Cliqfans unique is that they offer Paypal as a payout method for content creators.

Fanvue or Cliqfans, which one is best?

Fanvue and Cliqfans are both great platforms for the monetization of adult content. Both platforms do not restrict their content creators from posting any type of content. You can easily make a lot of money by posting content. But there are some differences between both platforms that need to be addressed. These differences are given below:

  • Fanvue gives 85% to its content creators for the first 12-months of the registration as a content creator. On the other hand, Cliqfans give 85% to the content creators but only for the first three months.
  • Cliqfans give a 5% commission to the content creator for every referral they make. Fanvue also has a referral program; they also give a 5% commission on every referral a content creator makes to bring someone on Fanvue for 3-years.
  • If we talk about the payout, Fanvue is one step ahead of Cliqfans. On Fanvue, when your funds are available for the payout, you can withdraw your get your payment in your account in minutes. While on Cliqfans, it can take 2-days to reach your account.
  • Fanvue is a more popular platform among content creators and also among users. Fanvue has more traffic on its website.
  • Both Cliqfans and Fanvue offer channel or profile promo videos. This feature can help content creators in attracting more users to subscribe to their fan page.
  • You can create an account instantly on both platforms, and they also do not take much time for verification.

Who is the winner? Fanvue or Cliqfans?

Both platforms are great and promising, but I'll choose Cliqfans as a winner. Even though the platform is new and will grow but it is helping creators make more money. We are open to new feature requests and we are determined to give maximum visibility to the creators. 

Cliqfans is a great site and you can get paid under 2 days which is one of the fastest in the adult subscription business

How Much can you make on Cliqfans? 

On Cliqfans, you can make a lot of money because of their better discoverability than other platforms. It also has another great feature that you can get a tip of a maximum of $500, and it is a great number. Other platforms offer $100 as the maximum. So, Cliqfans has a lot of earning potential if you are a talented content creator.


Fanvue and Cliqfans are both new platforms with new and promising features. Both platforms have similar monetization models. Cliqfans website is more stable and user-friendly. Cliqfans have so many features that I think override other adult subscription sites and help you make more money. 

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